Saturday, September 29, 2012

My first blog rant

I may anger and offed some people with this post, I do not apologize. 

I have lived many, many, many years hearing about how Christians are still being persecuted. I could list about 20 but the biggest "persecutions" I hear have been:

1. kids can't pray in schools
2. bible should be taught in schools
3. legalized abortion is against their religion
4. birth control is against their religion
5. doctors and pharmacists are forced to write/fill prescriptions for birth control against their religious beliefs
6. gay marriage is wrong and destroys traditional marriage
7. it's not safe to say you're a Christian because you will be hated/persecuted

As far as personal beliefs go, these are all valid. I make no claim that they aren't. Some have simple solutions:

1. pray silently, why does everyone have to pray the same thing as you do anyway?
2. religion is personal, you want to teach bible, teach it at home and in your church
3. don't have an abortion
4. don't use birth control
5. don't go into a field where you may have to do something that violates your personal beliefs
6. don't fall in love with some one of the same gender
7. stick a sock in it, most people will assume you are a Christian, they don't hate you for being a Christian - they hate you for pushing your beliefs on them and using "but we are called to preach the gospel of Jesus" as your reasoning - and stop acting like a hypocrite, if you LIVE the way you preach, you wouldn't be nearly as hated

But, quite honestly, Christians have NO CALL to claim persecution, not here in the USA.

You want to talk about persecution? How about you come with me next year to the Yom Kippur service at my synagogue, where we have to have police protection and armed security guards patrolling to keep the loony anti-Semites out and keep us safe?

Until you actually FEAR going to services at your place of worship you are NOT persecuted!

End of rant.

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