Wednesday, March 13, 2013


Not all synagogues and communities have a consecration ceremony, but ours does. A consecration is the ceremony introducing a child to their formal Hebrew/Jewish learning. In our congregation it is done towards the beginning of spring for the first grade class. Being as I have a first grader, we just went through our first consecration!

The children came in on Sunday morning, singing. They got up the the bimah (bee-mah, the raised platform at the front of the sanctuary) and did a short play about the Aleph-bet (the Hebrew alphabet). My little D'vorah was the letters Nun, Kaf and Gimel. :-) She did such a wonderful job! I'm a very happy and proud ema (pronounced ee-mah, it means mother).

In our shul after consecration.
I am hoping to take a little time tomorrow to break from all my Pesach preparations to blog about my Pesach preparations. Stay tuned!