Friday, August 1, 2014

Israel and Gaza, after more than 24 days

If what follows upsets you, feel free to leave now. (Please do not think this is directed at any one person. This is a culmination of my thoughts over the past few weeks and the response I have seen from a variety of sources.)

After more than 24 days of conflict in Gaza, I am saddened that so many have fallen victim to the lies and half-truths put out by the "pro-Palestinian" propagandists. Where is the outrage for the atrocities in Syria or ISIS in Iraq? Why the leveling of such anger on Israel? The Hamas charter (look it up, read it) clearly states that their purpose is almost single-fold, to kill Jews. Their children's TV programming teaches children to hate and want to kill Jews (google search, there are many videos documenting this). Their leaders have come right out and said they want to kill Jews (youtube).

The Palestinians in Gaza had every opportunity to make their state and succeed in 2005 when Israel pulled out (taking every Jew out with them). Gaza was Jew free. The Israelis left behind greenhouses and infrastructure that could have been used to advance the Gazans. Hundreds of millions in aid has poured into Gaza. What have they done with it? Squandered it to build terror tunnels and buy rockets.

They want to scream about a wall (much like between the US and Mexico) that was only erected after numerous suicide bombers and terrorists came into Israel to kill civilians, Jews. If crazy Canadians were coming across the border and blowing up buses in the US would we just sit back and take it? Or would we do something to protect our civilians, like build a wall? Heck, we built a wall along parts of Mexico's border to keep out people who mean us no harm! (Ok, drugs and drug dealers too) Still far less extreme than suicide bombers and terrorists. We, in the US, would do no less than what Israel has done, do what it can and has to do to protect its citizens.

But, back on point, now Hamas has been firing rockets into Israel, using tunnels to commit acts of terror against a civilian population and capture hostages, and everyone is all up in arms against Israel for fighting back?!?! Hamas has broken EVERY ceasefire these past weeks. Hamas has forced civilians to protect its fighters and weapons (aka, human shields). Israel has CALLED OFF attacks when they have seen civilians present. It is a war started by Hamas, continued by Hamas and I, for one, will not be swayed by the sudden influx of concern for the "poor Palestinians" who elected a terrorist organization as their government.

Do I feel for the people in Gaza? ABSOLUTELY. I feel sorry that they elected Hamas as their government, knowing that Hamas would do what they have done. I feel sorry that Hamas is now using those people as human shields to keep Israel from fighting back against the terror attacks. I feel sorry that anyone has died (though the numbers that have been coming in are showing fewer women and children and more men within the age range of fighters - and can be listed as "civilians" because they aren't in military garb - yeah, "none" of them are fighting the Israelis, right? (please note my sarcasm)). I want to Free Gaza as well. I want to free Gaza from Hamas. I want to free Gaza so the people there can actually use the aid they receive to build a better life instead of terror tunnels and rockets. I want to free Gazans from being used as human shields by a government intent on their destruction and death for the purposes of a photo op.

It is inhumane to call for peace in this conflict while not saying a word against other atrocities currently going on in the middle east (Syria and Iraq to name just 2, but do a google search, there are many more, every single day). The numbers of those dead in Gaza is far less than those in Syria. (I won't even go into the history of Hamas to fraudulently inflate the numbers of civilians living in Gaza, the numbers of those who have died in conflicts - again, google!)

And, to top it off, NO ONE is perfect. Everyone can point to that 1 person who did this or that which was wrong. We all have those stories. Israel is no different. So many are trying to place Israel in a position of having to be absolutely perfect and any deviation from that is reflected on the whole. One IDF soldier does something stupid and boneheaded and that is broadcast and put on the heads of every IDF soldier. Did we do that? I seem to recall some pictures of Muslims in Gitmo wearing dog collars and being used as props in pictures. Did we, as citizens, then place that image on the head of every single one of our American soldiers? No, we did not. Yes, every army has its "bed seeds" who are dealt with accordingly. But let us not hold another army to a higher standard simply because they are not us. Do not condemn another's entire army for the actions of a few.

The same goes for the civilians. Are there Israeli's calling for the death of all those in Gaza? Yes, I am sad to say their are. Are there Gazans calling for the death of every Jew is Israel? Yes, there are. Should we then put that on the heads of every Israeli or Gazan? No. Not every Israeli or Gazan feels that way.

Do we want this fighting to cease? YES! Enough people have died. But as long as one side (Hamas) continues to call for the death of all Jews and continues to fight, Israel has every right, and duty, to defend itself against the attacks of the terrorists.

AGAIN, Please do not think this is directed at any one person. This is a culmination of my thoughts over the past few weeks and the response I have seen from a variety of sources.

You now know my thoughts and views. Do not be surprised by what appears on my wall. I will defend Israel as long as she needs to be defended and in this regard, in this conflict, Israel is not the bad guy. Israel is doing what needs to be done to prevent further attacks on its civilians.

I could go on for days. If you made it to the end, congratulations. (I apologize if this is muddled and not coherent, I am working on about 4 hours of sleep last night and about the same the night before)